Are you ready to move on? Downsize? Transition?

You have a home to sell before you can move on.

Do you need a helping hand to do all the heavy lifting?

We are here with Senior Transition Assistance.

Let us be your advocate and get your home sold.

Work with a trained Senior Transition Advisor and they will take care of all the
“heavy lifting” so that you can “move on” with your life.

We take care of the biggest things so that you don’t have to worry about the littlest things.

We don’t over extend our boundaries or knowledge base. We don’t rush you.

We know how to do the most important things; we’ve done them for years and we are good at what we do.

We work with you, your family, your CPA, Attorney and trusted representatives to inventory, appraise and then
sell all or a portion of your estate at Express Auction.

You may, of course decide to keep as many personal items as you wish.

Remember, an “estate” is the total extent of the real (real estate) and personal property of a live or deceased person.

We are Real Estate and Estate liquidation and Senior Transition Assistance specialists.

We have the professional knowledge, compassion and discretion (for over 30 years) to work with you every step of the way.

We assist you in downsizing by selling your home, business and contents at Express Auction. All Express Auctions occur within 30 days of our signed contract.

When we are done, you receive a check and you can now move on.

Call Uncle Andy 410-647-8442